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How to Choose the Right Hotel Linen and Bedding for Your Hotel

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When deciding on which hotel linens to purchase for your hotel, there are several factors you need to consider. The first thing we tell our clients, as their hotel linen supplier, is that you’ll hospitality2want to think about which color and pattern of sheet will best compliment your business environment, so you can choose accordingly. After you’ve picked the right color and pattern you’ll focus on the thread count, fabric type, and weave of the sheets. You can typically choose between “single-ply” and “two-ply” bedding sheets, with “single-ply” using only one thread for each vertical and horizontal row, and “two-ply” using an identical number of rows by combining two threads to make a heavier weave. If you’re looking for economy sheets that are more affordable, you’ll typically choose a lower thread count, which will make them soft and airy. At US Textiles Online, we carry varying types of bed sheets in varying cotton polyester blends, which are affordable for you and can withstand heavy commercial laundering.

Economy and Luxury Hotel Sheets and Bedding for Your Business

Whether you run a local hotel and restaurant, a bed and breakfast, or a mountain lodge, you need bed sheets and hotel bedding materials that will instantly impress your guests. Perhaps more important than any other feature or amenity at your overnight stop, sheets can quickly make or break the experience for your guests. When your guests arrive, you want them to enjoy all the comforts of home, even if they’re thousands of miles away. At US Textiles Online, we sell all types of sheets, from affordable economy sheets, to luxury sheets perfect for a high-end stay. Our priority is providing small businesses and mom and pop shops with the supplies and materials needed to win customer satisfaction. When you need hotel linens, such as sheets and bedding, and other hotel and restaurant supplies you can count on us. US Textiles caters specifically to small and medium sized businesses that are looking for hotel linen supplies.

Affordability VS. Luxury

What sheets you choose should largely depend on how up-scale your hotel is. If you’re running a local hotel with affordable prices, you don’t need to break the bank purchasing the finest sheets on the market. If your establishment is meant to serve the wealthy class, you may consider purchasing a high grade sheet to satisfy your customers. If you have questions about what bed sheets are right for your business, contact us through our website. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

By Robert Spence