Chef Uniforms & Other Apparel for Kansas City, Houston, and More

Chef's ApparelFront of the HouseU.S. Textiles provides a diverse selection of apparel for your chef, kitchen staff, and servers. We offer items like chef coats, pants, hats, shirts, vests, aprons, and more! These items come in every type of material, from cotton twill to denim. If you tell us what fabric, color, or pattern you want, we’ll do our best to find it. Our sizes range from X-Small to 6X.

Chef Apparel

We make sure your kitchen staff is dressed for work, with the style you specify. We can deliver chef coats, hats, and pants in either the traditional white or any color or pattern you prefer. We even offer an expanded range of sizes to make sure your chef has something they can feel comfortable in, whether that’s an X-Small or a 6X.

Front of the House

Your serving staff makes an immediate impression on guests. We offer a line of shirts, pants, aprons, and vests that will ensure your staff makes a positive impression through breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You name the color, fabric, and style and we’ll find it. Sizes run X-Small through 6X.