Towels, Spa Robes, and Other Salon, Spa, and Fitness Textiles

U.S. Textiles will help you pamper your guests with soft terry robes, wraps, and towels. You specify the weight, color, and size and we’ll find it for you.


Plush terry robes and wraps can differentiate your spa from your competitors’ operations. To customize these items and help them stand out, please ask us about our embroidery and monogramming services. Give us a call and we can review our selection and develop a quote that pampers your bottom line without sacrificing your ability to pamper your guests.

All towels are not created equal. Some of the factors you need to consider when purchasing towels are absorbency, longevity, and cotton content. The thicker the loops and the tighter the bases, the higher the absorbency of the towel. Longevity is also affected by weave. A tighter weave on the fabric base means a longer lasting towel. The towel material is also important. Cotton is hydrophilic, meaning it is quicker at absorbing water as compared to synthetic fibers, which lack this attraction to water. Yet, one of the benefits of synthetic towels is that they have a superior tensile strength. U.S. Textiles can help you weigh these factors in deciding which type of towels best meet your customer’s expectations and your budget.


Some of our Spa, Salon, and Fitness products include:

  • Robes
    • Shawl Collar
    • Basic Kimono
    • Microfiber-Available in 12 colors
    • Velour Stripe
    • Microterry
  • Spa Wraps-Headbands
  • Slippers
  • Lounge Chair Covers