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chef1Any restaurant or hotel owner knows that presentation is half the experience. Part of that presentation includes sharply dressed staff and crisp hotel and restaurant linens. At U.S. Textiles Online, our goal is to provide Kansas City restaurant and hotel owners with the top tier table linens, chef uniforms, and hotel uniforms available on the market today.

Chef Uniforms Kansas City

The way your staff dresses directly reflects the value you place on your restaurant. If you want customers to feel that their dining experience is a step above the rest, you need to purchase the best chef uniforms Kansas City has to offer. Never worry about dealing with stained uniforms that look untidy and unprofessional ever again. We sell complete apparel for chefs in any color or pattern you’d like, including: hats, coats, and pants. Scroll down below to find a complete selection of our sizes, colors, and patterns for chef uniforms in Kansas City.

Kansas City Hotel Uniforms

Need uniforms for hotel staff in Kansas City? Our line of professional hotel uniforms are just the thing you’re looking for. We offer the highest quality hotel uniforms to Kansas City hotels at the most competitive online price. We’ll work with you to find the style that fits your branding and vision perfectly.

Wholesale Tablecloth and Table Linens for Catering and Other Businesses in Kansas City

While many of our clients are hotels and restaurants, we also sell to catering businesses. If your company regularly caters events, whether they are business events, weddings, receptions, banquets, or charities, our wholesale table linens and tablecloths can help you pull of the perfect event. We even have a handful of clients who will rent out the linens they purchase from us, because they know that our products stand the test of time. Using premium quality table cloths and linens can help take your event from good to great, so if you’re in need of some quality tablecloths and linens in Kansas City at wholesale prices, contact us today for more information.