A Great Night Sleep with Denver Mattress

Denver Mattress - Going Green

Just in Time Manufacturing (J.I.T.)

Scalability, nimbleness and the ability to adapt to any market conditions were key components in the design of our facility, featuring an infrastructure that can double production capacity literally overnight, cross dock flow and little to no warehousing of finished product; the new Denver Mattress manufacturing facility is the definition of efficiency…

The J.I.T. Process

Raw materials flow in on an on demand basis throughout the day ensuring the least amount of handling and a minimal amount of warehoused raw material.

State-of-the-Art & One-of-A-Kind

Affectionately known as “The Magic Carpet Ride,” the conveyor system employed at Denver Mattress is a one-of-a-kind system designed and built specifically for our factory’s needs. Plus, we’ve gone above and beyond the current federal mandates of tracking mattress products with tracking lot numbers of every spool of Kevlar thread, and FR barriers.

Dreams Become Reality

Not only does our process create one of the most efficient mattress assembly lines in the world, it also ensures that it is one of the most consistent. With the ability to send back into the production cycle any products for finishing that do not meet standards without the need for additional handling, more time and energy can be devoted to R&D, manufacturing innovation, and meeting consumer needs.

Quality Control

After manufacturing is complete, each piece is inspected to ensure it complies with FR 1633 regulations, then scanned to record both mattress and foundation serial numbers, and their eventual shipment locations.